In battle between goodness and badness triumph will always be with goodness, We are here to give a chance to goodness to win, we are here to mend and rebuild the broken trusts for all those who don't belive anymore on words like Faith, Trust and Transparency.We are here with powerful background and many years of experience and knowledge in mutual aid systems MMM FSTP with a dedicated and expert team is not an ordinary platform for ordinary users, it's a true platform for genuine participants, so if you are not 100 % sure you are genuine enough for FSTP Kindly don't spend your time here as FSTP only belongs to genuine users who wants to share true relationship in a true environment. The tough rules are here to increase system life and to increase comfort zone to genuine participants. FSTP with strict rules and strict admin will emits any chance that can be harmful for system and its participants as System is main core for participants and participants are main core for system, So Solid rules are here in FSTP to protect the main cores to stay healthy and safe for long. Wanna the main core is system or participants as these two are not separable and they complete each other. We are not new in this field that can't recognize quantity alone can't assure success, quantity along with quality can help all of us to reach high standards, So in FSTP our main Priority is Quality and we pursue it. Quality in FSTP means here is not a platform for fakers, dummy account makers and greedy participants and rules wont allow them even come near the system. FSTP double filtration technique will decrease the chance of entering such kind of persons in system to 0 %.

MMM FSTP is not a bank, MMM FSTP does not collect your money, MMM FSTP is not an ONLINE BUSINESS, HYIP, investment or MLM program. MMM FSTP is a community where people help each other. MMM FSTP gives you a technical basic program, which helps millions of participants worldwide to find those who NEED help, and those who are ready to PROVIDE help for FREE. All transferred funds to another participants are your help given by your own good will to another one, absolutely gratis. If you are completely confident and certain in your actions and make your mind to participant, we kindly ask you to study carefully all warnings and instructions first. FSTP is like a moderator that give a chance that participants from all over the world can connect each other, help each other and can grow together. In cases of any matter regarding the topic our online consultants and CRO over support tickets are ready to help and answer all your questions.



We are always ready to give you a helping hand

F: Faith

Provide help

  • Once after Register and pay 5 $ Pre-confirmation link (1st filtration for active & dummy accounts) participant can Provide help from 20 $- 5000 $.
  • After PH, 20 % link of PH will come in 48 hours for 2nd filtration of genuine & fake participant.
  • After Successful confirmation of 20 % link Growth of full commitment amount will start ¬© 100 % (80 % by default + 20 % after approval of daily task).
  • 80 % link will come in 8-12 days.
  • No locking Period.
  • PH can come anytime from the date of commitment

S: Success

Get Help

  • After Successful confirmation of Provide Help participant can apply for GH anytime after Recommitment of same or more value of previous provide help & after paying 20 % link of the recommitment provide help.
  • No recommitment required to withdraw from the commission wallet.
  • GH limit: Growth wallet: 20$ - 3500 $.
    Commission Wallet: 20 $ - 1000 $.
    Overall limit: 20 $ -3500 $.
  • If receiver after receiving the get help dont confirm in 60 hours will get blocked and payer will get the confirmation by the admin after checking the transition hash.

T: Trust


  • Direct Referral: 5 % of the Provide help Amount.
  • Manager Bonus:
  • 10 Manager: level 1 to level 3
    (5 % L1, 3 % L2 ,2 % L3 ).
  • 100 Manager: Level 1 to Level 5 ) ( 5 % L1, 3 % L2, 2 % L3, 1 % L4, 0.5 % L5).
  • 1K (1000) Manager: Level 1 to level 8 ( 5 % Ll, 3% L2, 2 % L3, 1% L4, 0.5% L5, 0.25% L6, 0.12% L7, 0.01 L8).
  • 10K & 100K Manager: Level 1 to unlimited depth. (5% L1, 3% L2, 2% L3, 1 % L4, 0.5% L5, 0.25% L6, 0.12% L7, 0.01 L8, 0.01 L9.... Unlimited depth 0.01 %

P: Power

Other Important Points :

  • Online Chat Facility Available 24*7*365 Days to solve all the queries.
  • All support Tickets will be replied by CRO within 24 hours.
  • If still after double filtration of dummy & fake accounts any links rejects of get help of any participant, System will pay the participant within 24 hours.
  • No receipt upload option so no hassle for fake receipts, Transition Hash technique.
  • Double Hash Detection Technique.
  • Local Representative will be available worldwide, so that participant will get doubts cleared in local languages.

Terms & Conditions


  • Mobile Number, Email id, Bitcoin address, Facebook URL needs to put carefully at the time of Registration as this details cannot be changed once entered, not by user not by system to avoid misuse of the accounts.

  • One Mobile Number, email id, bitcoin address, Facebook URL only One id allowed.

    User allowed to make one account with one ip and one device.

    Auto IP detection at the time of Registration.

    Auto MAC Detection ( Device Detection) at the time of Get help.

    Notice : System will accept all the PH has been made from multiple accounts by same device but at the time of get help all multiple accounts would be identified by auto MAC detection, get help link wont be assign for them and they all will get blocked immediately.

Pre-activation Link:

  • After Registration 5 USD Pre-activation link will come same time to the user, user needs to pay Pre-activation link to active his account within 48 hours , after confirmation of Pre-activation link only he can PH in the system or can add further members in the community. (1st Filtration process to check dummy/active user in the community).

PH (Provide Help):

  • User Can PH (Provide Help) from 20 USD to 5000 USD.

  • 20 % System Link will come within 01-48 hours after making PH in the system. ( 2nd Filtration Process to check fake/genuine participants)

  • 80 % Link will come within 08-12 Days.

  • No Locking Period.

  • If user PH is not confirmed by receiver even after 48 hours of Hash entered, user needs to create ticket and contact our Online Support Team, PH will be confirmed by admin after checking the proper Hash number.

  • One PH (provide help) one GH (get help) only at one time.


  • User will get growth of 100 % per Month (80% by default + 20 % online Tasks income) and growth will start after paying 20 % Verification link.

  • User will get growth on principle amount only and there is no compound interest, user will get simple interest on PH Amount. If user wants get growth on interest too then he needs to do GH and invest again.


  • Tasks will be Online Easy Tasks that every user can do it easily. User will get 20 % Tasks income Per Month.

GH (Get Help) & Re-commitment:

  • User can apply for the get help after completing his PH and after doing

  • Re-commitment of same or more value of previous PH and after paying 20 % Re-commitment link. ( To maintain healthy Rotation inside the system)

  • GH Link will be assigned to the participant from 1-48 hours after applying of the Get Help.

  • If still after double filtration of participants any get help link rejected in community by 0 % their get help will be paid by the admin within 24-48 hours after rejection of the link.

Get Help Limit:

  • Growth Wallet: 20 USD - 3500 USD.

  • Commission Wallet: 20 USD - 1000 USD.

Confirmation of Payment:

  • While confirming the amount Receiver needs to check Sender Bitcoin address, Sender Hash Number and Receiver Bitcoin Address.

  • If receiver after getting the amount don't give the confirmation within maximum 48 hours id will get blocked permanently and won't be re-open under any condition and Sender will get confirmation by the admin after checking Hash Number.

LOH (Letter of Happiness):

  • User needs to write letter of happiness (LOH) after completion of the get help.

  • LOH will be varied between 01-48 hours depends on queue of the LOH.

Manager Panel Terms:

  • 10 Manager: 200 $ or more¬†Self commitment and 10 direct active participants with 100 USD or more PH & 100 % link paid at the time of applying for Manager Panel

  • 100 Manager: 200 $ or more Self commitment and 10 direct active participants with 100 USD or more PH & and 100 Active participants (direct/indirect) with100 % link paid at the time of applying for Manager Panel.

  • 1000 (1k) Manager: 200 $ or more Self commitment and 10 direct active participants with 100 USD or more PH & 1000 Active participants (direct/indirect) with 100 % link paid at the time of applying for Manager Panel.

  • 10000 (10k) Manager: 200 $ or more Self commitment and 10 direct active participants with 100 USD or more PH & 10000 Active participants (direct/indirect) with 100 % link paid at the time of applying for Manager Panel.

  • 100000 (100k) Manager: 200 $ or more Self commitment and 10 direct active participants with 100 USD or more PH & 100000 Active participants (direct/indirect) with 100 % link paid at the time of applying for Manager Panel. 

Unblocking of Blocked ids:

  • Needs a Valid Reason to open the blocked id.

  • All the Previous growth will be zero and growth will start from unblocking day.

  • ID won't be unblocked if used any other bitcoin address for the PH and got blocked or did any fake activities in the system. 

Other Terms & Conditions:

  • Any participant over 18 years of age and have knowledge of virtual currency can be member of FSTP by registration in the community with or without sponsor.

  • Users' needs to put the correct information in the registration form, if later found any discrepancy or violets community rule, id can be blocked by the admin without any notice.

  • One user can make Single id only, multiple ids are not allowed and participant id can block anytime if found the same and won't be unblock under any condition.

  • FSTP is an mutual aid community to help each other so invest your free money only.


Under any circumstances, we guarantee immediate response to your requests

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